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Tony Hall - Engineer, Mixer & Producer

Greater Cincinnati Production & Mixing

Welcome to CincySound, the home of Cincinnati, Ohio-based producer, audio engineer and mixer Tony Hall. With over 10 years of experience in several audio-related fields, Tony has the necessary skills to elevate a musician's talents to bring out the best, whether it's writing new music or recording an album. Tony has worked with various musical styles from pop to blues and everything in between. He grew up around music, listening to blues, jazz, folk and big band, learning to play trumpet from his father and teaching himself guitar and piano. Later he discovered a love for the technical aspects of both production and recording which led to running live sound and helping out in the recording studio for numerous bands.

If your band is lacking direction or inspiration, or you'd like a fresh set of ears to mix your latest single, Tony is eager to assist you in reaching your goals. Please call or email today.