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Tony Hall - Engineer, Mixer & Producer


Rates vary by project. Please contact me for a quote.


Production involves bringing out the best in musicians and their music. It includes the oversight of recording as well as helping the music fit nicely into a genre if the goal is commercial success and radio play. The producer has various roles during recording. He/she might contribute compositional ideas as well as determine the best arrangement. The producer's job is not managerial but collaborative; the musicians' vision must be upheld.

Recording & Engineering

Recording is where you capture your music to make an eternal record of all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into its creation. The Recording Engineer coordinates what microphones, DI boxes, amps, etc. will be needed, and ensures all instruments and voices are recorded at optimum levels. Preferably done in a professional facility, recording is happening more and more in basements and bedrooms. And that's OK! I will work with you at the studio of your choice, or wherever it makes the most sense for you to record.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing describes steps taken by the mixing engineer to create a musical and cohesive song out of the raw recorded tracks. This involves subjective use of signal processing (equalization, compression, pitch correction, etc) as well as balancing the individual instruments and the overall sound.

Mastering is the final step of creating a single or album and is best left to a dedicated mastering engineer. Their specialized experience and highly detailed listening environment allow them to add that final 'gloss' that makes your mix stand up to other commercial mixes, both in balance and volume. Since mastering can be expensive, I'm happy to take a few steps to get your mixes 99% there, with a focus on a volume you expect from commercially-released mixes. But I always recommend a dedicated mastering engineer if your budget allows.


Just kidding about the beer, sorry. But free recording and mixing may be possible! I'm happy to provide my services for free for projects I'm super-passionate about that lack funding. Feel free to contact me to check my availability.

"The thing I love about music is that you can take things that are painful, deep things that hurt you, and you can turn them into something beautiful." -Ray LaMontagne